Thoughts on Water


Today I wanted to talk a little bit about water.  It is something that we as humans do not typically think about, but lately I have been drawn to learning a bit more about this substance .  I think my spiritual journey of late has been the impetus of why water has become a focus of my attention.  Once something I took for granted, today that is not true.  I realize this precious substance is probably WAY more than what we, as humans fully realize.  Let me explain a little of how my mind meanders and thinks about water.

I came across some research done on water.  In this study, containers of water were subjected to words said to it, some were “nice” words like “I love you water” , or gratitude words like “Thank you water”.  Some were “Not Nice” words like ” I hate you”, “you are worthless”, etc… you get my point.  So after these bottles of water had been subjected to different levels or vibrations of intent based on ranges of human emotion, they froze that water and afterwards looked at the water molecules under a microscope to see what the water formations looked like.

Lo and behold, the water subjected to bad thoughts or intentions, it had froze into misshapen lumps of ice and the molecules had no form.  Reminded me of “the blob”.

The water that had been appreciated, loved and thanked – it froze into the most beautiful ice crystal formations.  The higher the amount of love it received, the more intricate and geometric the ice crystal pattern took shape.

After reading this study, I began to talk to my water, to tell it “thank you and I Love you!” whenever opportunity allows me to do so….. See – this is NOT the kind of thing you may want to do in public as someone will think you are crazy.   It is my way of praying before a meal , so to speak, and making sure the water that I ingest is happy, loved, and full of positive vibrational molecules.  I especially thank it for making my coffee taste so great!

Interesting tidbit:

Water is the only substance that can exist in three forms.  Liquid, gaseous, and a solid state. My mind of course wonders if in theology this fact of the nature of water has been included in past teachings.  Holy water has been studied in the same way and it’s crystal formations are also intricate, highly geometric and beautifully formed.  I feel that I am being drawn to learning these types of topics, in order to be more aware of basic things that have been readily available all our lives, and yet as a society we do not make proper penance nor revere these things as we should.  In the Bible it says that we were given domain on Earth in order to be a steward to it, not to dominate it and destroy it.  I am sure the Native Americans included reverence for water and other natural resources in their daily rituals.  I have started including it in mine as well.

It is this connectedness I feel with land, water and nature that is pointing me in this direction of a more Native American view in regards to my belief system.  I have often pondered how one religion can say they are “right”, and another religion be just as good, but yet they will claim their way is the only way, the right way, etc.  Many years ago, I formed an opinion on this very matter.  I decided that “God” or the “Great Spirit”, realized that humans had so much variety and spice, that he/she let each society or group form their own way of reverencing their version of God.  It made sense to me then and it makes sense to me now.

The Great Spirit, or God that I follow, may be different than the one you follow. I bet the basic tenets of our beliefs are the same.  Treat your neighbor as you would yourself.  Well, water has become my neighbor.  I no longer take it for granted.  It is our life blood, it is what connects us all and holds us together. Without it, there is no life.  The spiritual implications if you think about this long enough will make you go “Hmmm”.

I could move onto my thoughts on the Air or Atmosphere in spiritual terms, but will instead save that for another post.  I say my daily affirmations and prayers of thankfulness and gratefulness , and yes I talk to my water and give it proper kudos for a job well done.

Protect our water sources, be thankful and grateful for all things, even what you consider the mundane or the usual.  It is in fact these very things – the Earth, the sky and water that sustain us and have graciously allowed us to reside here.  It is only logical to give thanks for the very things that keep us living, breathing and continuing our journey in this world.  As physics progresses it is proving more and more that intelligent design exists. The gap between science and religion is narrowing and for this I am grateful.



Blessings to all,


copyright 25-NOV-2017

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