I love all the seasons of the year, but Autumn and Spring are my favorites in that order.  The Fall season has such beautiful colors of yellows, oranges, reds and purples that I am drawn too.  This late summer wild sunflower is an example of the lovely yellows that I adore.  I spoke to my son the other day about how nature is so precise, it’s workings can not be random – in my opinion.  This one flower , within in , contains mathematical genius and design.  The symmetry and balance, the colors, my what a wonderful world we live in!

Today I wanted to just make a brief note of my thankfulness and gratefulness of ALL that has occurred in my life, because without each and every one of my past experiences, I would not be where I am today.  It is hard to look at difficult times as a time of growth, or “testing” and learning.  I beseech everyone that reads this, to take heart and never give up HOPE…  it is my mantra.

Never give up…Dig down deep…Never let your guard down….Stay vigilant in your beliefs and your core ethics and values.  Never let anyone try and mold you into something you are not.  You do not have to follow the same beating drum as your friend, or neighbor.  Make your own music, follow you own drum, as you march into your destiny and future with hope, thankfulness and gratitude – the blessings will come.  Affirm to yourself daily that “You IS Special”..







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