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Wait for it….

So, my son brings home this kitten one day.  He says he found it right outside on our porch….

I say “Well, isn’t that funny because I have been outside on the porch all day and he hasn’t been there.”

The story changes…. “Well…. REALLY it was down on Cooper’s Crossing by the side of the road.”….Uh, yeah, I bet it was , I think to myself.

I reply ” You can’t fool the best there ever was at bringing stray animals back home… If you want to stick to that story , go ahead, but I know better.”  We then drive to the HUGE pet store in town, and I proceed to buy him toys, one that purrs when a button is pushed and the fancy dried and powdered kitten milk that of course has to have healthy levels of colostrum.  Which translates to WAY more than a box of powdered cow milk , but hey, he was a widdle, biddy baby kitty…. so sweet him was.


I wore this fuzzy soft robe every night so he could snuggle in the depths of it, and he could pretend he was being fed by his momma kitty, since, you know, he was tragically thrown on the side of the road and all.  (Yes, I even bottle fed him for a few days.)

My best friend met him shortly after his arrival, and she said “He don’t look like no cat thrown on the side of the road. Looks pretty healthy to me, and he SURE DON’T look like he needs to be bottle fed.”

Hhmmmfff to you too… I was just trying to make his transition easier, plus it was fun. Kinda.

So let me give some back story here, as this was in May of this year and it was the month of my son’s high school graduation.  His girlfriend LIVES on the street around the corner called Cooper’s Crossing….. hmmmm.

Fast forward to graduation night, my two older daughters arrive from Houston, meet and greet the new furry addition, and with one bathroom and three women trying to get dressed for graduation, widdle biddy baby Zuko was soon forgotten.

UNTIL – Graduation was over, everyone is milling around , talking, taking pictures, etc. and my two daughters rush up to me laughing and said “GUESS WHAT?”

I say “What?”

“Noah’s girlfriends little sister just ran up to him and said ‘NOAH!!!!! We have another kitty for you to tame in our barn!” all excited and jumping up and down and stuff. ((I was not there so I may be embellishing.)

So the truth was out, my son is a cat whisperer.  He tamed a ferril kitten , who has now captured every animal in this house’s love and affection, or fierce abhorrence.  Depends on which spirit is on his shoulder, the angel one – or the devil one.

So in the spirit of the theme of waiting captured in photos, I wanted to share this series of photos I took of Zuko one day as I was trying to work on my online businesses, and he decided he needed to crawl up in my arms and take a nap…my arm all holding him in weird angles and stuff….giving me arm cramps…and I keep holding him, as still as I can while typing one handed…and a little voice in my head said “Isn’t he the most precious baby kitty witty there ever WAS?”, and I open my phone and try to figure out how to take photos without disturbing his nap…. yeah, cuz he needs his baby sleep.



As I struggle to keep my left arm at this crooked angle , so his comfy relaxed body doesn’t get disturbed, I have a fleeting thought and wonder when the OTHER kitty will appear.


Not, this kitty or that kitty…



Nor this kitty as well….




20170617_111320 (1)
What’s That Finger Taste Like?

And when I saw this face, I knew all innocence was gone.  That dichotomy of personalities is what makes me love him even more.  He reminds me of myself, one minute lounging around trying to cop a nap, and then someone sticks a finger by my mouth and so I bite it.  We really are quite similar. Some may say this photo is just capturing a sweet kitty in the middle of a yawn… I say FOOLISH!!!!  DO NOT TRUST HIM WHEN HE LOOKS LIKE THIS! It is for your own safety ! I must disclose this and warn you!20170617_111409

Doesn’t he look kinda like Bill the Cat and his facial expression from the old Bloom County comic strips? Aaaaccccckkkkk I think was all he could say.  I have a feeling there will be more blog posts with pets in starring roles.


Content and photos are copyrighted by Elizabeth Loyd Sept. 14, 2017

Thank you for the opportunity to use a topic to base a blog post on, I have had the most fun in doing this! The topic is Waiting.


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