On Wee Wings They Fly

20170517_091437I wanted to prelude this little poem with some of my nature photography, the tree symbolizing the heights that we each must attain to, the little bird nest in a mailbox – all crammed full of things the momma bird felt she needed to be in her home – reminded me of ME, because my house is overflowing with too much paperwork, inventory and is in a general state of disarray.  But , like the momma bird in this poem, I have faith in what will come , and am grateful for what is done. 20150705_142134 (1)

Does she weep as her babes begin to fly?

No, she cheeps her praise &
Encourages them to strive.

The course unknown &
The flight unclear.
The little wings that 
Are so dear....

Must gather strength
Upon their own,
And reap the joys
That they have sown.

The nest so quiet now
When they have flown.
Does she weep alone?

No, she joins a chorus
Of a song she knows, 
Always remembering 
As long as the wind blows.
20170326_195534 (2)
Images and content are copyrighted September 13, 2017 by Elizabeth Loyd, author and photographer.

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